The Foundation of Your Environment’s Automation

Solve the unique challenges of running a petroleum or propane business with Automated Wireless Environments Enterprise-wide petroleum management software solution (E-Sys).  One system provides for all your operations and accounts receivables needs: Credit and collections, Statement and invoice, Delivery scheduling, Service/HVAC management, Product and parts inventory, automated user and client notifications, purchasing and much more!


Streamline your petroleum logistics operation with the Automated Wireless E-System. The E-SYS application is an Enterprise Wide Petroleum Management software solution designed exclusively for Fuel Distributors, Wholesale Distribution, Retail Distribution and certain operations that are often part of these businesses. With over 30 years of experience and knowledge of the petroleum industry our solutions will help to empower your entire organization with a comprehensive suite of software, allowing your office and field personnel access to vital customer information immediately.


Proven in the hands of thousands of users, the E-SYS application provides simple tools that drive complex business requirements. E-sys offers a common platform for operational data, security, workflow, analysis and reporting. The E-SYS application has set the industry standard for the stability and scalability that is required to run today’s petroleum business. E-SYS is your one stop to manage accounts receivable, degree days, scheduling, pricing, billing, collections, reporting, invoicing, taxing and inventory control. The E-SYS application was built to deliver deep industry specific functionality.


E-SYS boasts tools to provide any distillate or propane downstream company with all they require to operate efficiently:

  1. Accounts Receivables
    1. Expanded customer contacts and attachments
    2. Credit and Collections
      1. Automated credit holds for delivery ticket and work order generation
      2. Integrated dunning letter support
      3. Tenant / Landlord relations for service billing
      4. Real-time credit review to flag or un-flag accounts for credit delinquency
    3. Budget Plans
      1. Automated mid-season reviews
      2. Automated budget end and rebilling
      3. Split aging buckets for non-budget amounts
      4. Option to include Service contracts in budget amount calculations
      5. Separate statements
    4. E-Billing
      1. E-mail or fax invoices automatically
      2. User-defined e-mail templates can personalize e-mail sent with customer information
    5. Automated Notifications
      1. Automatically alert clients by e-mail, text or call
      2. Once configured, the user is not required to take any action to send the notification
      3. Message formats can include logos and other graphics designed by the client
      4. Supports a myriad of notification types:
        1. Budget amount change notification
        2. Product price change notifications
        3. Payment draft notifications
        4. And many more
    6. E-Payments
      1. Credit Card
      2. EFT
    7. Transaction History
      1. Sort and order transactions
      2. Print reports
      3. Reprint or e-mail invoices
      4. Drill down to transaction details
    8. Advanced Memo Tracking
  2. Billing
    1. Automated Wireless Delivery and Service batching
      1. Accomplished for any clients also using the AWE Mobile Service and/or AWE Mobile Delivery offerings
    2. Cardlock
      1. Principle Cardlock interfaces supported I.E. Petrovend and others
    3. Payment posting with bar code scan option
    4. Accounts Receivable Adjustments
    5. Security deposit tracking
    6. Post dated checks management
    7. Planned payments into the future
    8. Manual Service and Delivery billing
  3. Delivery  (Distillates and Propane)
    1. Multiple forecasting options:
      1. Degree day
      2. Degree day with thermal pump
      3. Julian dated
      4. Days between delivery
      5. Recurring delivery hold periods by delivery location
      6. And more
    2. Delivery types supported:
      1. Will call orders
      2. Automatic
      3. Fleet
      4. Pumpout
      5. Cylinder exchange
    3. Up to 9999 Delivery locations available on a single account
    4. Visual real-time tank gauge that can interface to tank monitors
    5. Real-time updates from the AWD Mobile Delivery system on ticket statuses
    6. Supports PayGo technology
    7. Allows for automated alternate product swap-out for cold weather products versus warm weather products
  4. Expanded Pricing
    1. Allows for numerous pricing methods on a delivery location basis:
      1. Cap price
      2. Fixed price
      3. Rack price
      4. Cost Plus price
      5. Publication price
      6. Pre buy
      7. Collar price
      8. And more
    2. Each product price can has modifiers per delivery location (discount and adjustment)
    3. Pricing can be updated by groups of customers with log files tracking the changes
    4. Supports price updates importes
    5. Price changes recorded with date and time of day to support multiple prices daily for an individual product
  5. Inventory
    1. Full inventory control from contract purchase to end delivery
    2. Supports the management of flexible inventory agreements:
      1. Throughput
      2. Exchange
      3. Buy/Sell
  6. Service
    1. Up to 9999 service locations available on a single account
    2. Up to 3 Service plans available per service location
    3. Full engineering details per piece of equipment on a customer’s account
    4. Full parts inventory
  7. Management
    1. Event Log tracks all selected fields and their changes
      1. User who made the change
      2. Date of change
      3. New value and previous value
      4. And more
    2. User notifications and chat
      1. Standalone service and application
      2. Chat with other users, drivers, techs or groups of users
      3. Real-time chat delivery status
      4. Quick reply tools
      5. Notifications include: disk space full warnings, driver logoff, tech login and much more